ReACH Center

ReACH Scholars

  • Barbara J Turner

    Research interests: Health disparities, quality of care, cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention and substance abuse.

  • Sharon P. Cooper

    Research interests: Injury and occupational and chronic disease epidemiology with a focus on Hispanic and adolescent workers, surveillance, ethical issues and health effects.

  • KoKo Aung

    Research interests: Meta-analysis, hypertension, health issues of older adults, and cardiovascular epidemiology.

  • Sandra Burge

    Research interests:  family violence; substance abuse; health behavior change; practice-based research in primary care.

  • Robert Ferrer

    Research interests: Primary care practice improvement, primary prevention of chronic disease, social determinants of health, and applications of complexity science to health and health care.

  • Research interests: meta-analysis, hypertension, health issues of older adults, and cardiovascular epidemiology.

    Luisa Franzini

  • Research interests: Health economics and health disparities.
    Christopher Frei

  • Research interests: Emerging antibiotic resistance among Gram-positive bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus
  • Daniel E. Hale

    Research interests: Endocrine disorders in chromosome 18 abnormalities, pediatric diabetes.

  • Joshua T. Hanson

    Research interests: Clinical epidemiology and systematic reviews.

  • Carlos R. Jaén

    Research interests: Health behavioral counseling, latino health issues, participatory research with communities, primary care practice redesign evaluation, primary care research.

  • Yuanyuan Liang

    Research interests: Design and analysis of repeated measures data, construction of optimal designs and response-adaptive designs, meta-analysis and predication models for cancer risk and prognosis.

  • Jennifer Potter
    Research interests: Her current research focuses on two main areas: (1) understanding the role of pain-related cognitive, behavioral, and physiological processes in opioid use behaviors; and (2) identifying mechanisms of behavior change, amenable to intervention, based on these processes. In addition to her community-based clinical research, Dr. Potter established the Opioid, Pain, and Addiction Laboratory (OPAL) to examine pain and opioid use behaviors using experimental paradigms that afford more control than is feasible in applied research.
  • Anthony Scott
    Research interests: Lead in asthma, oral health research, primary care practice, and early childhood research.
  • Maureen Simmonds
    Research interests: Chronic Pain, Cancer and Aging and the Impact on Physical, Cognitive and Social Function; Knowledge Translation and Evidence based Education in Health Professions; Understanding Behavioural Change; Virtual Reality and Computer Games for Health Related Research and Education.
  • Mary Jo Pugh

    Research interests: Pharmacoepidemiology, outcomes research, mixed methods, longitudinal research.

  • Barbara Taylor

    Research interests: HIV clinical outcomes research, with a focus on HIV care in Spanish-speaking populations in the US and in Latin America.

  • Melissa Valerio
    Health literacy and disease management intervention design and evaluation, with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations.
    Paula Winkler

  • Research interests: Health information dissemination and health workforce development.