Office of the Vice President for Research

VPR Leadership

Andrea Giuffrida, PhD
Vice President for Research
(210) 567-4219
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Dr. Bob Clark
Bob Clark, MD, MACP
Assistant Vice President for Clinical Research
(210) 567-0866
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Joseph Schmelz, PhD, RN, CIP, FAAN
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration
(210) 567-8247
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Dr. Weiss Mark J. Nijland, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Research
(210) 567-0313
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Sunil Ahuja, MD
Director, Research Enhancement Programs
(210) 567-0233
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MWilson Michael A. Wilson, PhD
Director, Institutional Research Core Facilities
(210) 567-2059 More Information

Kimberly K. Summers, PharmD
Director, Research Protection Programs
(210) 567-8266
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Sander Hacker, DVM Director, Laboratory Animal Resources
(210) 567-6166
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Linda McManus, Ph.D
Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
(210) 567-0509
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Gail Madison-Brown, RN, JD
Chief Clinical Trials Officer, Clinical Trails Office More Information
John Gebhard, Ph.D
Senior Executive Director
Office of Technology Commercialization
(210) 562-4034
Barbara Turner, MD, MS, MACP
Director, ReACH Center
(210) 562-5550

Linda Lopez-George
Manager, Business Development
(210) 562-4035

Curt Schiebel, CPA
Director, Finance & Administration
(210) 567-3984