Patient Care



Robert Ferrer, Consultant :


Understanding practical opportunities for healthy behaviors in practice and community settings

  • Agent–based model-building to understand the primary care paradox
  • Advanced Primary Care: demonstration project of primary care enhancements to improve quality and reduce preventable morbidity Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sponsor/Mentor for American Cancer Society Career Development Award to Saima Siddiqui, MD Improving collaboration between primary care and specialist clinicians after new cancer diagnosis

Joshua Hanson, Teaching Project:


Improving patient care transitions in the hospital, A survey aimed at elucidating the patient care issues for which housestaff are contacted overnight and how to improve the curriculum and tools in verbal and written handoffs.


Helen Parsons, Core Director, Program Evaluation:


National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences                     
Institute for Integration of Medicine & Science (IIMS):  A Partnership to Improve Health

The mission of the IIMS is to achieve optimal integration of clinical and translational research, education, training, and career development across all UTHSCSA schools and among our partner organizations in the South Texas region. IIMS will focus existing and newly developing resources and intellectual capital on advancing the discipline of clinical and translational research for the improvement of human health.


Paula Winkler, Co-Investigator for Community Engagement Core Function for the CTSA at UTHSCSA:


Within the Community Engagement Core, my role is to establish the Translational Advisory Boards (TABs) in 5 counties of the south central region. The work of the TABs is to serve as a representative body in the community which aim to improve community health through the facilitation of community-based participatory research and educational outreach and research dissemination in partnership with Practice Based Research Networks and the UT School of Public Health. The overall aim of community engagement is to improve human health by transforming research and training environments to enhance efficiency and quality of clinical and translational research.