Equipment and Services


The UTHSCSA Orthopaedics Bone and Mineral High-Resolution 3D Imaging Facility is a NIH-funded imaging facility equipped with two ex-vivo desktop microCT systems, a reference point indenter and a furnace. The non-destructive nature of microCT imaging allows the researcher to strengthen his/her research by using the same sample for histology or biomechanical testing after microCT imaging.





The Skyscan1172 desktop microCT system has an X-Ray source with a range of energy between 30 and 100 kV and a CCD camera with 1k, 2k and 4k pixel settings with a maximum of 8000 x 8000 pixels in every slice. Depending on the object size images with up to a 1 micron nominal resolution can be acquired. Cone-beam scanning facilitates fast acquisition of large volumes of data.



Skyscan1173 Desktop ScannerSkyscan1173


The Skyscan1173 desktop microCT system has a higher energy range (40 to 130 kV) and a larger gantry that accomodates larger, denser samples (140 mm diameter and 200 mm length maximums). The X-ray detector is a distortion-free flat panel sensor with 2240x2240 pixels and is able to acheive a spatial resolution of 4 microns.










The BioDent is a Reference Point Indenter that allows for direct measurement of bone tissue strength. The reference point shields the inner probe from soft tissue, and allows for a reference for displacment measurements at the site of contact.










Pyradia F100 Furnace


The furnace allows for ashing of bone in order to determine the weight percentages of mineral to organic material of bone. The weight percent or ash fraction relates to the tissue mineral density of the bone.