Pilot Data:

*For most new projects where the parameters and feasibility of the study are not known, set-up scans of a few samples (at no cost) are needed to identify the proper configuration and scan settings.  This data is used to estimate the costs for full projects.  Contact Dr. Fajardo for a consultation on new project ideas.


*Studies typically bring in on average 2-3 groups with 8 specimens per group. Either the femur or tibia is analyzed, and sometimes a lumbar vertebra (Example: $60 per mouse femur/vertebra). At 10 microns, scan time is approximately 30 minutes per long bone and 30 minutes for analysis. Reconstruction time is 5-10 minutes. Standard analysis include cancellous bone of the metaphysis and cortical bone of the mid-diaphysis. Output for shared uses includes raw data, a detailed report including graphs and representative images. Cost per long bone is approximately $60 for academia and $120 for industry.


*Pricing will vary due to fluctuations in scan parameters, bone type, and desired analyses.


Fee for Service Rates:


Standard Services




Protocol Development

Development of novel applications/methods for quantitative analysis.  This is a onetime charge on a per hour basis up to 10 hrs max.




Time required to acquire X-ray image data *(Facility overhead and data storage is included in scanning cost).




Time necessary to reconstruct grey scale images from projection images.




This includes any post-reconstruction image processing, image quantification, data interpretation, a comprehensive report, and data visualization.  Images provided will include representative pictures of each group in 2D and 3D.






Additional Services




Rush Projects

We process projects based on a first come first serve basis.  We will consider projects that require immediate turnover due to an imminent deadline.  In these cases, the PI must provide a written justification for the project urgency and an additional fee will be added to the scanning, reconstruction, and analysis rates. 



Image Production

A variety of other non-standard image types can also be provided.  These image types may help you visualize your results and enhance seminar presentations.  These include:

  1.  3D Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)
  2. 3D Attenuation Intensity
  3. 3D Density Projections
  4. Combine multiple VOI’s within one sample. 



Video Production

3D animations (e.g., fly-overs or fly-throughs) of almost any image type (see above) are possible. 

$20/min of video

$40/min of video