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Recycling Locations

battery recycling

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Recycling Poster

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Recycle Location Table


New Recycling Bins (Grey):
Building Location
AAB Building 1st floor, lobby area
Allied Health Building Lobby
CTRC Building Lobby
Dental Building 1st floor, near entrance to Texas Star Café
Dental Building 4th floor, near Dental Dean's office (4.320R)
GCCR Building Lobby
Lecture Halls outside MSII lecture hall
Lecture Halls outside MSI lecture hall
Lecture Halls 2nd floor, near Student lounge
Lecture Halls 3rd floor, skybridge from lecture area to Med School
Medical Building outside 309L
Medical Building outside 409L
McDermott Building Main entrance/lobby
Nursing Building Lobby (also includes one blue bin)
Parman Auditorium Foyer



Previous Bins (Green):
Building Location
AAB Building Level 4, Elevator area (in Academic Affairs kitchen area)
Allied Health Building Allied health student lounge (1.108)
Dental Building Dental Student Lounge (one each on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors)
Garage A Garage A
Garage B Garage B
Library 2nd floor by elevator
Library 3rd floor by elevator
Library 4th floor by elevator
Library 5th floor by elevator
Medical Building Medical Student Lounge
Medical Building outside 209L
Medical Building Medical Dean's office (in lounge area near back) (367L)
Medical Building 3rd floor, just before doors to University Hospital
Medical Building Graduate Dean's office (414A)
Nursing Building 1st floor, outside Auditorium
Nursing Building outside 1.463

If you have any questions about recycling materials or the recycling locations on campus, please contact the EHS office, 210-567-2955.

 Updated 05/11/2011