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Radiation Safety Committee

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Chair: William Moore


The Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for policies and practices regarding the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines; to review all license applications and human use research protocols using radioisotopes or radiation producing machines for research purposes only. The Committee also conducts and reviews the Radiation Protection Program for the Broad Scope Radioactive Material License.


Submissions required for the following items:

  • Animal Protocols involving radioactive materials, gamma irradiation, lasers, and x-rays
  • Laboratory research use of radioactive materials
  • Clinical use of radioactive materials such as brachytherapy and nuclear medicine
  • Human use research protocol–involving x-rays or radioactive materials used for research purposes only.   If the protocol only involves standard of care procedures, please submit directly to the IRB.


Submission Paperwork Required:


1. Animal Protocols involving radioactive materials, gamma irradiation, lasers, and x-rays:

  • In Vivo Radioactive Material Containment Form
  • Copy of IACUC Animal Protocol Submission including Appendix E
  • Radioactive materials use requires the current approval for laboratory research use (listed below) or approval to work under an approved investigator for radioactive materials.

2. Requirements for Laboratory Research Use (Non-Human Use):


3. Requirements for Human Use Research involving IRB studies

  • IRB Forms
    • A   Human Use Research Signature Assurance Sheet
    • Research Common Application Step 1
    • Research Common Application Step 2 Institutional Form
    • Research Common Application Continuation of UTHSCSA IRB Application
    • D Consent Form
    • Q    Radiation Worksheet
  • Memo outlining Standard of Care versus Research Procedures


4. Requirements for Human Use - Clinical:

All submissions should be received prior to the due date for each Radiation Safety Committee meeting outlined below.  The Radiation Safety Committee will review protocols prior to the Radiation Safety Committee meeting on a case by case basis.  Please contact Jennifer Cerecero at (210) 567-2960 or watsonj@uthscsa.edu for any questions or concerns.

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Dates for Radiation Safety Committee through August 2017:
September 26, 2016
November 14, 2016
January 9, 2017
March 13, 2017
May 8, 2017
July 10, 2017



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Contact Information

Jennifer A. Cerecero, MS

Radiation Safety Officer

210-567-2955 (main line)

210-567-2960 (direct line)

Email: watsonj@uthscsa.edu


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