Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Radiation Safety Division

The Radiation Safety Division promotes the well-being of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation users through education, evaluation of practices, ensuring regulatory compliance and dose monitoring at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.




Personnel Monitoring

The Radiation Safety Division  provide personnel monitoring for all radiation occupation workers within UT Health Science Center at San Antonio and University health system that might receive greater than 10% of the annual dose limit of 5000 mrem.  If you believe that you might possibly fit in this category please go to Dosimetry Service to fill out an application for a dosimeter. If you currently receive a dosimeter and would like to receive your dose history, please go to the Individual Dose Report website.



The Radiation Safety Division provides various training courses in areas such as x-ray training, laser training, radioactive material safety training for laboratory research and human use applications,  radiation waste training, and basic radiation orientation.    If you need more information regarding each of the courses please go to Radiation Training.


Laboratory Evaluations

The Radiation Safety Division performs semi-annual laboratory evaluations to evaluate the radiation safety practices and provide insight as to corrections that might need to be incorporated into the laboratory practices. The goal of these evaluations are to help improve any problem areas and to point out the positive practices in each radiation laboratory. 


Patient Monitoring

The Radiation Safety Division provides patient monitoring for patients at the University Health System.  Some of these patients include I-131 Thyroid Graves patients, I-131 Thyroid Cancer Patients, and I-125 Eye Plaque cases with the Ophthalmology Department.


Meter Calibrations

This is an annual service that our division provides at no cost to the researchers to calibrate the meters according to the radioisotope being used in the laboratory and to perform a battery check on each meter.  If you need any calibrations for your GM detectors please contact the Radiation Safety Division.


Contamination Surveys

The Radiation Safety Division will perform radiation contamination surveys on a regular basis throughout the University and University Health System.  If you need one of our Specialists to check any contamination areas please contact our division.


Radioactive Package Receipt and Delivery

This is a service that our division provides upon receipt of a radioactive material package on campus.  We will perform a contamination survey and meter check on each package to verify that there are no potential contamination problems in addition to updating each principal investigators inventory.  Once the inventory is updated, our division will deliver the package to your laboratory.


Sealed Source Tests

All sealed sources on campus and at the University Health System are inventoried and leak tested on a semi-annual basis by our Specialists.


X-ray and Laser Inventory/Registration

The Radiation Safety Division currently holds both the laser and x-ray registration for the University and University Health System. We will inventory the protective lead aprons, x-ray machines, and work with the Physicist for annual calibration checks. In addition, we maintain the inventory of Class 3B and Class 4 lasers on campus as well as perform laser safety evaluations of each laboratory that uses Class 3B and Class 4 lasers. For more information on laser safety, please visit the Laser Safety Program website. For more information on x-ray safety, please visity the X-ray Safety Program Website.


X-ray Compliance Testing

All x-rays are tested for compliance by our Medical Physicist on a regulatory schedule and then tested by the Texas Department of State Health Services x-ray inspector on a regular basis. 


Radioactive Material License

The University and University Health System operate under a Broad Scope Medical License and our sites are inspected on an annual basis by the Texas Department of State Health Services.


R.I.I. Safety Support

The Environmental Health & Safety Department has a Research Imaging Institute Radiation Division Manager that provides support with the PET and Cyclotron License for all Radiation Safety concerns and practices.