Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Employee Work Related Injury

What should an employee do if injured on the job?

  1. Notify your supervisor immediately, no matter how minor the injury may seem.  Report all unsafe working conditions to your supervisor or the Environmental Health and Safety Department.
  1. If necessary, obtain medical attention.  You have freedom of choice as to which, hospital or pharmacy you may use.  Inform the medical provider that your injury is work related.   Your department will provide you with a Notification of an On-The-Job Injury form to give to your medical provider. 
  1. If you miss work due to an on the job injury, you must keep your supervisor informed of your work status by providing a Division of Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report (DWC 73) after each doctor visit.  The doctor’s office must provide the report to the injured employee.
  1. If you miss time from work, you must also complete the form Workers’ Compensation Leave of Absence to select the type of leave you wish to use.  The form is provided by your department.
  1. When your doctor releases you to return to work, you must report to work at the beginning of your next regularly scheduled shift.  The DWC 73 report from your doctor indicating a return to work date or any work-related limitations must be given to your supervisor before you may return.

For more information, contact the Workers’ Compensation Coordinator in the Environmental Health & Safety Department at 567-2955.