Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Chemical Safety Division - Chemical Safety Handbook

The purpose of the University of Texas Health Science Center’s Chemical Safety Handbook is to provide a written document which complies with the regulations set forth by the Texas Hazard Communication Act of 1986, specifically, to reduce the incidence of chemically-related occupational illnesses and injuries and to provide a means for the general public to learn about the chemical hazards associated with businesses in the community.  The Chemical Hygiene Plan intends to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), regulatory standard contained in 29CFR1910.1450.  


The objective of this Chemical Safety Handbook is to serve as the Written Hazard Communication Plan and Chemical Hygiene Plan for UT Health Science Center at San Antonio as a means for providing safety guidelines to those employees who work with or are exposed to hazardous chemicals in the routine course of their job duties.  This handbook provides general information to employees and students in the use and handling of hazardous chemicals.  Topics addressed include information on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), container labeling requirements, safe handling, use, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals, and employee training programs.  Additionally, this handbook provides definitions of hazardous chemicals, factors affecting chemical action on the body, emergency procedures, proper personal protective equipment, first aid, and employee rights and responsibilities under the Texas Hazard Communication Act.   


Instructions for Principal Investigators

  1. Please print the document entitled “Summary of Changes for 2014”.
  2. Review these changes at your next lab meeting with your staff.
  3. Document this training session using the document, "Chemical Safety Handbook 2014 – Acknowledgement Form". 
  4. Keep training form on file in laboratory or office.  There is a section in the Chemical Safety Binder for filing all training records.


Chemical Safety Handbook 2014 by chapter