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Chemical Exchange Program (Waste Minimization)

(This is a Free Service)

The Chemical Exchange Program is a free service provided by Environmental Health and Safety which allows laboratory personnel to remove new, unused chemicals which are no longer of any use in their lab. The advantage of this program is to reduce purchasing and disposal costs and to be good environmental stewards. This program is one of many ways in which UTHSCSA can support the Campus Green Initiative and be a strong proponent of environmental best management practices through waste minimization. Once a chemical exchange form has been submitted, it will be logged into a database for researchers and lab personnel to view.  If there is a chemical you need, call 567-2955 for delivery.  Chemical(s) will only be delivered on Tuesdays.

***The Chemical Exchange Program is currently operating on the Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Campus***

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How does it work?

  • Do a quick inventory of chemicals you would like to dispose of.  If you come across a chemical which has NEVER been opened, contains the original packaging seal,  and meets EH&S requirements for chemical exchange, continue with your request.  Complete form below in its entirety.
  • Once form is completed, affix a Hazardous Waste Label to the container, and click on the submit button.
  • The Chemical Exchange Program will NOT accept the following:
    • Any controlled substance
    • Any Peroxide Formers (e.g. Ethyl ether [diethyl ether], Cyclohexane, Sodium amide)
    • Any P-Listed Chemicals (e.g. Sodium Azide, Osmium Tetroxide, Epinepehrine, or anything containing Arsenic or Cyanide)
    • Any Pyrophorics (e.g. Phosphorus [white], tert-Butyllithium, or any reactive materials)
    • Mercury in any form
    • Expired
    • Open or broken sealed containers
    • Radioactive materials of any kind
    • Any materials requiring refrigeration or special handling
    • Any rusted or deteriorated containers

Please do not leave any lines blank. When completing the verification code do not uses spaces or commas.

Please email questions to ChemExchangeProgram.


Verification code LQGSK   





Building (Med., Dent., BSB):

Chemical Name (full name, no formulas):

Product Manufacturer (full name of product):

CAS Number:

Quantity (pounds and/or volume in liters):

Number of Containers:





If you have any questions please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 567-2955.