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Biohazard Supplies Request


Please email questions to HazWasteRequest. When completing the verification code do not uses spaces or commas.


The following locations are the distribution points for Regulated Medical Waste supplies: 427C, 214D, 751E, 119E, 4.064V, 5.040V, 3rd floor “V” corridor near elevators, 3.206R, 5.044R, 5.205S, 1.415U


The following items will be stocked:
         Cardboard Regulated Medical Waste boxes
         Red plastic liners
         2-gallon red "sharps" containers

Note: - Supplies will only be delivered to the above locations. Deliveries will take place once per week unless we receive a request to restock a location that is out of supplies. If the location nearest you is out of needed items, please go to the next nearest location to get supplies. These supplies should only be used for regulated medical waste, not chemical, radioactive or municipal waste.

If a location is out of supplies, please complete the form below and click "submit". Thank you.


Verification code 1G830   



Location needing supplies (room number):


The following supplies are needed (place an X in the appropriate box or boxes)"
Regulated Medical Waste boxes
Box liners
Sharps containers


For questions related to off-site supply distribution, please contact EH&S at 7-2955.