Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) - Basic Radiation Safety Orientation
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Basic Radiation Safety Awareness (Basic Radiation Orientation)



Instructors: Jennifer Cerecero and Amanda Sullivan - Radiation Safety Division, Environmental Health & Safety


This is a one hour twenty minute course designed specifically for UT Health Science Center at San Antonio personnel working in a laboratory using or storing radioactive material who have not received documented radioactive material safety training previously. This includes all persons working with radioactive material, and all persons working around radioactive material, i.e., faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. Training is to be received prior to handling radioactive material.


The course is designed to present basic information of the common types of radioactive material at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, safety requirements and policies for handling, use, and storage of radioactive material, personal exposure, and emergency response. This Orientation is intended to supplement specific instruction from the Principal Investigator in the laboratory. Attendance of the Orientation and supplemental training by the PI, will allow the individual to begin working with radioactive material.


Additional training to meet TDSHS requirements is required and should be completed within 12 months. Please refer to the Radiation Safety Handbook for the training requirements at UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. Refer to the radioisotope User's Course information and schedule and to the 9 Hour Basic Radiation Safety Class For Laboratory Personnel information and schedule.


Weekly Thursday 3:00 pm - 4:20 pm Safety Office - 1.343T

This course is available via the Knowledge Center. Course title is Basic Radiation Safety Awareness.



Room 1.343T is located on the first floor of the Dental School building in the Environmental Health and Safety offices - see map.