Key HOPs & Guidance Framing the UTHSCSA
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

HOP 1.3.7 Vice President for Research
HOP 1.6.6 Institutional Review Board Charter
HOP 1.6.14 HRPP Steering Committee

VPR Policy Study Reviews for Human Research

HOP 7.2.1 HRPP Policy
HOP 7.2.2 Institutional Review Board Policy

Supporting Committees &/or Programs

HOP 1.7.1 Institutional Biosafety Committee
HOP 1.7.15 Radiation Safety Committee
HOP 1.7.16 Radioactive Drug Research Committee

Office of Sponsored Programs
HOP 7.1.1 Policies and Procedures

HOP 7.6.1 Policy Statement Relating to
Misconduct or Research Misconduct

Senior Legal Office
HOP 10.1.2 Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct
HOP 10.1.7 Conflict of Interest Statements for Non-Academic Staff

Conflict of Interest
HOP 1.6.11 Conflict of Interest Committee

HOP 10.1.6 Conflicts of Interest in Scholarly, Research, and Clinical Activity
HOP 10.1.8 Conflict of Commitment
HOP 10.1.12 Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy

Office of Clinical Research

Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

HOP 2.5.1 Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

Clinical Trials Office

Office of the Institutional Review Board