Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

ECRT: The Process

Effort certification through ECRT is performed twice per year.  The two semi-annual reporting certification periods are September 1-February 28 and March 1- August 31 of each fiscal year.


Using ECRT, the effort certification process is divided into two periods.  However, before we discuss the process, it is important that the Department Effort Coordinator monitors effort commitments and payroll appointments through out the performance period to properly ensure the accuracy of all effort statements.  All Faculty/PI effort commitments are posted by the OSP in the MyUTHealth SharePoint site under Reports.   


Unlike payroll data that is loaded into ECRT on a monthly basis, effort commitments are only loaded once for each semi-annual performance period.   Once the effort commitments have been loaded into ECRT, they cannot be updated until the next reporting cycle.  As such, it is very important to frequently monitor your Faculty/PI commitments on a routine basis.  

The effort certification process in ECRT consists of both a Review and Certification Period.  Here are the highlights of each. 

Review Period:  This period is fifteen (15) calendar days long.  Department Effort Coordinators perform the following functions during this period:
1)  Verification of payroll for departmental faculty and staff.  Contact OSP if there is a salary discrepancy. 
2)  Work directly with Faculty/PI’s to determine their actual effort and the effort of the Support Staff that were paid on their sponsored projects.
3)  If necessary, update certified effort for both Faculty/PI and departmental Support Staff.
4)  Email departmental Faculty/PI’s when ready for them to certify their effort statements and that of their Support Staff members. 

Certification Period:  This period is thirty (30) calendar days long and the following functions are performed by the Faculty/PI and Department Effort Coordinator:


1)  Certify their effort statement.  If necessary, contact their Primary Department Effort Coordinator for any questions or issues.
2)  If applicable, certify the Support Staff that were paid on their sponsored projects.  If necessary, contact the Support Staff Primary Departmental Effort Coordinator for any questions or issues.


Departmental Effort Coordinator:
1)  Certifies all departmental non-sponsored project lines for Support Staff for which there is not a principal investigator listed for the project (e.g. state funds).  Both Primary and Secondary Departmental Effort Coordinators can certify departmental non-sponsored projects.  Facutly/PI’s can only certify for non-sponsored projects for which they are listed as the principal investigator (PI) (e.g. 48001 project).   
2)  Process all Faculty/PI and Support Staff effort statements after the Faculty/PI certifies.  Only the Primary Departmental Effort Coordinator can process effort statements.