Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


This page contains information for those instances when: 1) UT Health San Antonio is the prime submitter and has subawards to other institutions, or 2) when another institution is the prime submitter and UT Health SA will be a subaward on the project. Detailed instructions can be found here for both Cayuse and non-Cayuse submissions.

NEW! Beginning in September 2016, UT Health SA has joined the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse, which reduces the paperwork burden for subawards with fellow Participants (which includes a number of regular collaborators) by providing a central repository of information to eliminate lengthy subrecipient forms. This is applicable both when UT Health SA is the prime submitted, and the subawardee.

When planning for a subaward in either scenario, it is essential to first determine whether the collaborating institution is also a Participant. If so, the required paperwork at the proposal stage will be minimal, though please understand there will still be certain documentation required in all cases, such as a budget/justification and a statement of work.

This change will be most apparent in the signature document. For fellow Participants, no more than a short version of the subrecipient form should be used, which requests only minimal, project-specific details. For non-participating institutions, a longer version of the subrecipient form will generally be needed, which collects both project-specific and general institutional details and certifications. Each institution is likely to have their own specific form they require; be sure to provide the correct version to the subawardee (when UT Health SA is the prime submitting institution), or obtain the correct version from the prime institution (when UT Healt SA is the subawardee).

Read more detailed information about the Expanded Clearinghouse in OSP's listserv announcement here


When UT Health SA is the Prime Submitting Institution:

In general, when UT Health SA submits a grant proposal that includes one or more subaward(s) to other institution(s), OSP requires certain documentation from the subawardee at the time of proposal submission.  The format that should be used to submit such items depends on a several factors.


Procedures for submitting a proposal with subawards (.pdf)

Sample letter encouraging subawardee to use (.doc)

When UT Health SA is the Subawardee:

Likewise, when the situation is reversed and another institution is submitting the prime proposal to include a subaward to UT Health SA, there are some important questions to ask to be sure we are providing documentation to the other institution in an acceptable format.


Procedures for submitting a proposal as the subawardee (.pdf)


All subaward proposals must be reviewed and approved by OSP prior to submission to the prime institution.  OSP requires the following documentation when processing a subaward proposal:

  • Certificate of Proposal (COP)
  • Statement of Work to briefly describe HSC’s role on the overall project
  • Any documentation requested by the prime institution, such as a face page to be signed by our office, budget/budget justification, etc.

Be sure to find out the prime institution’s deadline for receipt of UT Health SA’s documentation.  Internal deadlines vary by institution with the majority requiring at least 3-5 business days prior to their main proposal deadline.

Revised April 2020