Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Research Study Agreements (RA)

Research Agreements sets up a research study to be performed at the Health Science Center. Financial support will be received and patient enrollment is not involved. Usually the principal investigator is the creator of the statement of work or protocol. If changes are required in the RA (they almost always are), OSP will get in touch with the other organization and negotiate the changes. Once both parties agree upon the RA language, the RA is signed by a Health Science Center authorized representative. A copy will be sent to the P.I.


To process your RA for execution, please provide the following to OSP:

  1. Certificate of Proposal (COP)
  2. Send a copy of the RA that you receive from the sponsor to OSP. Agreement should be sent electronically to (OSP can provide standard template for sponsor to review and execute)
  3. Include the name, address, telephone number, and email address of your contact.
  4. Copy of the statement of work
  5. Memo detailing if any inventions will be anticipated during the performance of the study.
  6. LAR approval if applicable

All research agreements will bet set-up under PeopleSoft fund group 44095 (Legacy K-95 account). A fully executed agreement from sponsor and LAR approval if applicable is needed for project set-up. No initial funds are needed for the project/grant set-up. At the conclusion of the study the principal investigator is allowed to keep residual balance unless prohibited by sponsor. Balance will be transferred to principal investigators 48002 project.


Agreement Template:
Sponsored Research (.doc)