Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Proposal Review Process

Printable PI Quick Reference Guide


The Office Of Sponsored Programs (OSP) no longer requires a draft review of proposal documents. However, if you want OSP to review a draft of your budget, please provide the OSP reviewer for your department/center the draft budget on the same sponsor forms that will be submitted. Please do not send customized spreadsheets.



All proposals for external funding that require either a signature by an HSC Authorized Official or a budget must be reviewed by OSP. OSP requires that you allow three (3) business days for review of your proposal, regardless of whether it is paper or electronic submission. OSP reviews proposals in the order they are received. For proposals submitted for an internal institutional grant program please visit the Institutional Grant Programs page.

OSP Proposal Assignments (.xls)


Proposal Requirements:


Documents required to obtain a signature by an HSC Authorized Official for a paper submission:

  • Signed COP (OSP will obtain the Deans’ signature on the COP)
  • Face page (or other document that requires Authorized Official Signature)
  • All budget and budget justification pages
  • Key personnel listing
  • Abstract
  • Copy or web link to instructions, Funding Opportunity Announcement, or RFA, PA etc.
  • If applicable, required documents for any subaward/consortium listed on your proposal (see below for list).

Once the proposal is submitted to the sponsor, a complete copy of proposal submission must be received by OSP within 5 days of application submission (minus appendices).


Please note, the Health Science Center is registered on and most other electronic proposal submission systems. Individuals do not have to register in Please contact OSP if you find an electronic submission system that the Health Science Center is not currently registered with.

Options for Submitting Electronic Proposals:

  • OSP clicks submit - the final ready-to-be-submitted proposal is required to be in OSP at least three (3) business days before sponsor deadline.
    • Cayuse - notify the OSP reviewer for your department by e-mail that the proposal is ready for review.
    • Adobe - email your proposal to OSP reviewer
    • Other Electronic Systems that require HSC Authorized Signatory to click submit (such as those used by private sponsors) – notify OSP reviewer by e-mail.
  • PI clicks submit – Documents are required to be submitted to OSP at least three (3) business days prior to sponsor deadline.
    • Cayuse - use the Cayuse “routing” feature to route proposal to OSP (Chris Green) for review and approval. Please note, COP and all proposal form pages must be complete, and budget justification file must be uploaded. All form pages plus budget justification will be “locked down” once the routing chain is activated. You can continue to work on all other files required to be uploaded into the proposal. Upload signed COP into the “documents” section of your Cayuse proposal.
    • Adobe – does not allow PI to click submit.
    • Other Electronic Systems that may allow PI to click submit (such as those used by private sponsors) - PRIOR TO SUBMISSION, notify OSP reviewer by e-mail or send paper copy of the following documents to OSP for review:
      • Signed COP (OSP will obtain the Deans’ signature on the COP)
      • Budget
      • Budget justification
      • Any document/form that requires institutional information such as institution name, address, person to notify regarding proposal, Financial or Fiscal Officer information, and/or any document that requires a signature by an HSC Authorized Official.


Any proposal that includes a subcontractor/consortium, whether being submitted by paper or electronically, must submit certain documentation to OSP for each subcontractor/consortium participating on the project. Specific requirements depend on the subawardee institution; details can be found on the Subawards page.