Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Toolbox for Coordinators: Resources & Training


The Office of Sponsored Programs offers a variety of resources for Department Effort Coordinators (DECs) as well as principal investigators and departmental administrators, to ensure all are well-informed regarding effort certification.  OSP staff is also available to meet with your departmental faculty and administers as needed; send meeting requests to


Resources for Coordinators:

DEC ECRT Reference Manual - ECRT user guide for Department Effort Coordinators.
Certifiers Reference Guide: For PIs- Quick Guide to help faculty use ECRT to certify their effort and that of their Support Staff.
Effort Coordinator Checklist - A general checklist of tasks required throughout the effort certification process, to assist DECs in monitoring progress.
Effort Coordinators: Best Practices - A collection of tips, tricks, and reminders from experienced DECs.
DHHS Salary Cap Administration - Provides information regarding the administration of DHHS salary rate limitation.
Salary Cap Appointment Calculator - Assists with calculating the appropriate payroll appointment in the presence of a salary rate limitation.
OSP Salary Transfer Request Form - Applicable to salary expenses being transferred to/from a project in fund groups 41002 - 44999. For instructions, refer to HOP 7.1.5.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Effort Certification Process.
Managing Effort Commitments & Documentation of Compensation on Sponsored Prgrams (HOP 7.1.3)- Institutional policy governing effort certification.
Cost Sharing on Sponsored Programs (HOP 7.1.6) - Institutional policy on cost sharing.
ECRT Faculty Presentation- Presentation that is being provided to faculty members by OSP at departmental faculty meetings.
OSP - Effort Certification Education- Provides a good overview of the requirements of effort certification. Course is required for all Departmental Effort Coordinators.
Salary Cost Sharing Presentation - Provides Salary Cost Sharing information for Departmental Administrators.