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Cayuse Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I required to use Cayuse424 to submit my NIH proposal?

No, however there are features designed to expedite the submission process, such as “autofilling” of forms and automated error checking. Cayuse424 also provides the ability to upload the NIH Research Plan as a single pdf document eliminating the need to convert and attach up to sixteen separate pdf documents.


Can I share my proposal with others?

Yes. The Principal Investigator along with guidance from your department should determine who will have access to the proposal. Those who will be working on the proposal need to have access. If you have already created the proposal, select the Manage Proposal Permissions icon and add a user. You will need the administrator’s name. Administrative staff may create proposals for PIs.


Can two or more people work on an application simultaneously?

No. Cayuse only allows one user to work on the proposal at a time. However, others may view the proposal simultaneously.


How can I print my proposal?

Locate the proposal you wish to print and display it on the screen. Click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Check the sections that you wish to print, and select OK. A PDF of the proposal will be generated that you can print.


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What name should be used on the Professional Profile?

The name on the professional profile should exactly match the UTHSCSA faculty investigator’s name as it is listed on the NIH eRA Commons. If it does not match exactly, the proposal will be rejected by NIH. When academic rankings change, make sure this is reflected in both the NIH eRA Commons as well as Cayuse.


Why should I create a Professional Profile for my P.I.?

All named investigators must have a Professional Profile established on Cayuse before the grant proposal can be created and submitted to NIH otherwise the individual’s name will not appear in the proposal.


Can I autofill information from a Professional Profile that I did not create?

You should only autofill a Professional Profile you did not create if you have been given permission by the originator of the Professional Profile. If you need to autofill and can not do so, contact the individual to request access to their profile.


Does salary information reside in the Professional Profile?

Yes. Salary information is located in the Salary and Fringe Worksheet section of the Professional Profile. This is an optional field within the profile. Salary can also be entered into the budget form.


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I have a modular budget, but want to include detailed budget information for informational purposes only as a convenience to reviewers and Contracts & Grants. What should I do?

Enter all appropriate budget information on the detailed budget pages. Make sure those budget pages are unchecked on the proposal navigation page. The budget information will be available, but will not be converted into the PDF that is submitted to the NIH.


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What browsers can I use with Cayuse?

Internet Explorer and Firefox can both be used for PCs; Firefox may be a bit faster. Firefox is the recommended browser for Macs.


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Research Document


Prepare the full research plan as a single word document using the different section headings as noted in the SF424 instructions. Insert page breaks between the different sections and convert to pdf. Upload the single pdf document of assorted research plan sections and the document will "explode" into the different required sections in Cayuse. Click here for additional instructions regarding the "exploding" document.



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