Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

Important Information

To comply with a UT Health San Antonio requirement to pre-review CPRIT (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas) applications, a letter of intent (LOI) is required prior to submission of any proposal to CPRIT. The UT Health San Antonio's Mays Cancer Center has been charged with the pre-review of these letters of intent. Any currently open opportunities will be listed on this page, with links to further instructions.

It is not necessary to be a Mays Cancer Center member or to be currently engaged in cancer research to apply for CPRIT funds. CPRIT funding is available to any qualified individual. Although it is not necessary for proposed work to fit into one of the three existing Mays Cancer Center P30 programs, please refer to the Cancer Center web page for identification of the three programs (CDP, EDT, PSP), their areas of focus, and their program co-leaders.


Current LOI Cycle:
Evidence-Based Cancer Prevention Services (RFA P-19.EBP)
Expansion of Cancer Prevention Services to Rural and Medically Underserved Populations (RFA P-19.1-EPS)
Tobacco Control and Lung Cancer Screening (RFA P-19.1-TCL)
The Cancer Center is tasked with selecting the most promising applications for full submission to CPRIT. To prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI), follow the LOI Instructions using the LOI template provided here and submit by 5:00pm on Friday, June 22, 2018.


Special Notes to CPRIT Applicants

Proposal Budgeting:

OSP strongly recommends careful consideration of all project needs when preparing budgets for CPRIT submissions, and particularly with regard to equipment items and other large purchases. Once an award has been issued, CPRIT reviews all grant purchases carefully and is likely to disallow any expenses that were not either included in the original proposal or approved by CPRIT prior to purchasing.

While this holds true with all grants, CPRIT is rather unforgiving on such matters regardless of the specific circumstances. Therefore, as a general rule, if you think you might need it, OSP’s advice is to go ahead and budget for it.


Mandatory Cost Matching:

For the majority of CPRIT grants, Texas law requires that, prior to disbursement of CPRIT grant funds, the award recipient must demonstrate that it has an amount of funds equal to one-half of the CPRIT funding dedicated to the research that is the subject of the award (consult CPRIT's Administrative Rules, Chapter 703, Section 703.11, for specific requirements regarding demonstration of available funding).

The university's unrecovered indirect costs will satisfy the majority of this match requirement; however, the PI's department will be required to provide nominal funds to bring the total cost match to one-half of the CPRIT funding. Therefore, at the time of proposal review, OSP requires submission of the CPRIT Cost Matching Endorsement Form to demonstrate the willingness of the PI and department to satisfy this requirement. A new endorsement form is required with each separate CPRIT proposal submission, and proposals will not be approved or submitted without it.

The Cost Matching Estimate Tool has been prepared to assist departments in calculating the approximate value of the cost match requirement for a given proposal. This spreadsheet is meant for planning purposes only; OSP staff will work directly with each funded PI at the time of award to make formal arrangements for satisfying the CPRIT cost matching requirements.


All CPRIT Funding Opportunities can be viewed on CPRIT's website by clicking here.


Contact information. The Mays Cancer Center is the primary source of contact for all CPRIT-related enquiries, and the primary source for all announcements and information. All successful pre-applicants will submit proposals to CPRIT through the Office of Sponsored Programs as for any other grant submission. Please direct questions to the Mays Cancer Center office via Lori Moctezuma at 450-1140 or