Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Research Protection Programs
Office of Clinical Research Contacts

Main Line: 210-567-8555

Kim Summers Kimberly K. Summers, PharmD
Director, Research Protection Programs
Director, Office of Clinical Research
Brandie Otten Brandie Otten
Research Compliance Manager
(210) 567-8251
Pam Sabrsula Pam Sabrsula, BBA, CIP
Institutional Regulatory Reviewer
(210) 567-8246
Colleen Stewart Colleen E. Stewart, MA, CIP
Institutional Regulatory Reviewer
(210) 567-8248
Karen Nijland Karen Nijland, BPharm
Research Compliance Coordinator - Sr
(210) 567-8554
Krista Kilpadi Krista Kilpadi, MD, PhD, CCRP
Research Compliance Coordinator - Sr
(210) 450-8365
Juanita Ching Juanita Ching
Research Compliance Coordinator
(210) 567-8259
Patty Alexander Patricia Alexander
Research Compliance Coordinator
(210) 567-8256
DaNeisha Smith DaNeisha Smith
Research Compliance Specialist
(210) 567-8254
Firoz Khan Firoz Khan
Research Compliance Specialist
(210) 567-8553
Additional Support for Research Protection Programs:
Cheryl Blalock Cheryl Blalock, MS
Research Compliance Coordinator - Sr
(210) 567-8252
Denise Bungard Denise Bungard
Office Manager
(210) 567-8255
Lizeth Parra Lizeth Parra
Administrative Assistant - Associate
(210) 567-8266
Mailing Address:
UT Health Science Center
Office of Clinical Research
Mail Code 7761
7703 Floyd Curl Drive
San Antonio TX 78229
Physical Location:
Greehey North Campus
8403 Floyd Curl Drive
Research Administration Building
Room 2.302