Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Western IRB (WIRB)

If you are utilizing an external IRB for the first time, contact the OCR staff prior to submitting (210-567-8555 or

  • WIRB Review Fees
  • Available sites in San Antonio are limited to: UTHSCSA, University Health System (UHS)

Instructions for submission:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
    • Complete your submission via WIRB's web portal:
    • Must use consent form with local contact info/HIPAA that was reviewed by OCR
    • Include UTHSCSA letter provided by OCR approving submission to WIRB
  • Stage 3
    • Provide IRB approval letter
    • Provide IRB approved Informed Consent document(s) with local contact info/HIPAA
    • Submit all forms to assigned OCR analyst
  • Stage 4
    • An institutional activation letter from each participating site (i.e. UTHSCSA, UHS) is required prior to initiating your research.


  Form Instructions MS Word/ PDF/ Link

Required Forms for Initial Submission


Institutional Research Application for non-clinical trials

Note: If this study is a clinical trial, do not download/complete this form. Complete and submit the Institutional Clinical Trial Research Application received from the CTO office instead. CTO Portal
doc for PC
  Inst-M - Personnel Form *Required doc for PC

Form A - Signature Assurance Sheet


How to digitally sign Adobe forms

pdf for PC
  Protocol *Required  

Consent Form with  local contact info/HIPAA

Informed consent document should be submitted with local contact info/HIPAA information provided here.

Submit as applicable - Submit these forms if applicable to your research

  Form CC - Investigator Brochure    

Form Inst-F - Investigational Drug Information Record Form

  doc for PC
  Form O - Drug or Biologic Being Tested in Research   doc for PC
  Form P - Use of an Investigational Device in Research   doc for PC
  Form Inst-H - Local Investigator FDA-Sponsor Form   doc for PC
  Form L-1 - Find a Study Recruitment Website   doc for PC
  Form Q - Use of Radiation in Human Research Studies   doc for PC
  Form Q-1 - Gene Transfer Therapy in Human Research Studies   doc for PC
  Form X - Protocol-Related Conflict of Interest   doc for PC
  Form Inst-J - Request for Approval - Research Involving Child Protective Services   doc for PC

Form Inst - G - Pharmacy LOU

  doc for PC

Request for Modification to External IRB Study - Submit if applicable

  Request for Modification to External IRB Studies for Local UTHSCSA Approval This form should be submitted if a modification is requested. doc for PC

Forms should be submitted as attachments in an e-mail to OCR

Links & Files for the WIRB Submission

  WIRB Connexus Submission Website Login to this site to complete your submission to WIRB
  WIRB Institution (UTHSCSA) Context Requirements Use the local boilerplate language from this document in the informed consent document. WIRB will not approve the consent form without this language.
doc for PC