Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

National Dental PBRN Central IRB

If you are utilizing an external IRB for the first time, contact the OCR staff prior to submitting (210-567-8555 or


UTHSCSA investigators may have the option of using the National Dental PBRN Central IRB as an external IRB for: National Dental PBRN protocols coordinated by the National Network Director Administrative Unit.


Available sites in San Antonio are limited to: UTHSCSA, University Health System (UHS)


Instructions for submission:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
    • OCR will submit the signed Local Context Review Acceptance Form and Consent Form to the National Dental PBRN Program Manager (and copy the PI/Coordinator)
  • Stage 3
    • Provide Local Context Review Acceptance Form signed by National Dental PBRN Central IRB
    • Provide IRB approval letter
    • Provide IRB approved Informed Consent document(s) with local contact info/HIPAA
    • Submit all forms to assigned OCR analyst
  • Stage 4
    • An institutional activation letter from each participating site (i.e. UTHSCSA, UHS) is required prior to initiating your research.



Form Instructions

Required Forms for Initial Submission

Institutional Research Application for non-clinical trials

for non-clinical trials only
Note: If this study is a clinical trial, do not download/complete this form. Complete and submit the Institutional Clinical Trial Research Application received from the CTO office instead. CTO Portal
Inst-M - Personnel Form *Required for all submissions

Form A - Signature Assurance Sheet

*Required for all submissions

How to digitally sign Adobe forms

Protocol *Required for all submissions
Consent Form with  local contact info/HIPAA *Required for all submissions
Informed consent document should be submitted with local contact info/HIPAA information provided here.

Submit as applicable - Submit these forms if applicable to your research

Form CC - Investigator Brochure


Form Inst-F - Investigational Drug Information Record Form


Form O - Drug or Biologic Being Tested in Research


Form P - Use of an Investigational Device in Research


Form Inst-H - Local Investigator FDA-Sponsor Form


Form L-1 - Find a Study Recruitment Website


Form NN - Use of Technology in Research


Form Q - Use of Radiation in Human Research Studies


Form Q-1 - Gene Transfer Therapy in Human Research Studies


Form X - Protocol Related Conflict of Interest


Form Inst-J - Request for Approval Research involving Child Protective Services


Form Inst-G - Pharmacy LOU


Request for Modification to External IRB Study - Submit if applicable

Request for Modification to External IRB Studies for Local UTHSCSA Approval

This form should be submitted if a modification is requested.

Forms should be submitted as attachments in an e-mail to OCR