Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Sponsor Investigator Training

Sponsor Investigators conducting studies which hold a filing with the FDA are required to take:

  • ACRP: Good Clinical Practice: An Introduction to ICH GCP Guidelines
  • ACRP: GCP Test-Out Challenge: Demonstrate Your Mastery of GCP

Instructions for registering in ACRP: Contact OCR: 210-567-8555 or to set up an account, then log in to to complete your training once ACRP has provided your temporary password. *Please be aware that the ACRP training cannot be accessed through


Initial and continuing education (every 3 years) is required


*Transcelerate approved


Note: Completion of these two courses will meet UTHSCSA initial or recertification requirements for Local Sponsor Investigator human subjects training. Not applicable for the VA.