Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Scope of Practice for Research Personnel

Note: See also the Training Requirements
Research Scope of Practice Form
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  • RSCOP form is ONLY required for the following personnel, if they will be interacting or intervening with living individuals:
      • Students
      • Residents/Fellows
      • Non-licensed MDs
      • Other Non-licensed professionals/personnel
  • Required training should be completed before submission of RSCOP forms. Lack of required training may result in approval delays.
  • Refer to the HOP Policy 7.2.3 Research Scope of Practice for Study Personnel
  • Note:
    • The RSCOP form is not required for personnel conducting Exempt Research or Chart Review Studies.
    • The RScOP form is not required for licensed personnel who are conducting research activities within the limits of their license and approved clinical privileges.

  • Submit completed form to

What happens next?

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) reviews the RScOP form and prepares for electronic signature/initials using DocuSign. DocuSign will notify each individual by email (as provided on the cover page) to review, initial (as applicable), and electronically sign the document. DocuSign will also notify each individual when a final copy is ready to save for their records. The signature page created in DocuSign will be Page 4 of 4 of the final copy. The Office of Clinical Research will also maintain a copy.