Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Human Subjects Training


One of the following courses will satisfy the Human Subjects Training requirements:

  • If conducting Expedited or Full Board Research
    • CITI Course: Biomedical Research
  • If conducting Social or Behavioral Research ONLY
    • CITI Course: Social & Behavioral Research
  • If conducting Exempt Research ONLY
    • CITI Course: Practice Based Research
      • Note: This course is not accepted by the VA.

  • Instructions for registering in CITI
  • CITI website:
  • Initial and continuing education (every 3 years) is required

  • For Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) Members ONLY


ACRP training is recommended for all Human Subject training, and will be accepted for any type of Human Research.
     (See ACRP details)

  • Ethics and Human Subjects Protection (for human subjects research)
  • Good Clinical Practice: An Introduction to ICH GCP Guidelines (for Clinical Trials)

AND for all UTHSCSA employees engaged in research:


Depending upon role or type of research being conducted, additional CITI coursework may be required or recommended:

  • Community Engaged Research
  • For Local Sponsor Investigator Clinical Trials (ACRP Good Clinical Practice: An Introduction to ICH GCP Guidelines)
  • Sponsor Investigators with IDEs (GCP - Devices)
  • IRB Member
  • Institutional/Signatory Official: Human Subject Research
  • IRB Chairs