Department of Laboratory Animal Resources


Completed and signed forms may be emailed to or delivered to the DLAR Office in room 113D, MC 7859. Please call 567-6166 with any questions.

*The policy regarding student access to the DLAR vivarium’s has been (but only recently enforced) that any student, whether UTHSA or otherwise, are not to have independent access to the vivarium. Meaning- no badge access.

By the nature of the title, students are under the responsibility of their mentor. DLAR is not allowing anyone with a student or POI status to have independent access UNLESS…

  • The student is officially added to the animal protocol via ORCA
  • The student has attended the mandatory LAR training
  • DLAR obtains written documentation from the mentor as to why the student requires independent access AND that the mentor accepts full responsibility for the student while in the vivarium. Meaning- if anything go awry, the mentor will be responsible for any injuries (including to the animals), damage or really anything that creates a negative impact to the vivarium at large.

According to UT Police- anyone with a brown or red badge would fall under the above requirements.

Note: DLAR is aware that this has not been monitored in the past. We do not intend to go backwards and remove those with current access (unless situations arise that necessitate this).

The above policy is in the best interest of the student’s safety (as well as the animals under DLAR care) and is in the best interest of all animal research occurring throughout our facility.