FACSCalibur Self User Training


Self-user training session details.

  • Consists of three 1-hour hands-on training sessions. These are one-on-one instrument operation sessions with flow core staff. Student must agree to schedule these 3 sessions with-in a two-week period.

  • Student needs to understand some flow cytometry theory before the first session. We require that one of the "Introduction to Flow Cytometry" videos (listed below) be viewed for persons new to flow cytometry.

  • For the first 2 sessions, the Flow Core will provide all training samples. During these sessions, the student will practice instrument operations using fluorescent beads. We suggest that the student brings a few of their own samples on the third training class for a more "real world" experience (this is not a requirement).

  • Cost: $100 (This cost is recouped in less than 4-hours of self-use instrument operation when compared to having one of the core staff operate the instrument)


  • Cost Effective
  • Access to instrument during non-business hours (including weekends and holidays)
  • Experience with this technique can enhance your CV.

Flow Cytometry Application Seminar

Event Title: "Expand your research using flow cytometry"

Speaker: Joan Batchelder from BD Bioscience.

Date: February 9th, 2010

Click here to watch the seminar.

CD copies can be made available upon request with the Flow Cytometry Core Staff.


Online Training Material