About us


  • Michael T. Berton, Ph.D.

    Scientific Director

    Associate Professor
    Department of Microbiology and Immunology

    Email: berton@uthscsa.edu
    Mail Code: 7765
    Phone (Main Campus): (210) 567-3911

  • Karla M. Gorena, C.Cy.

    Assistant Director

    Email: moncadak@uthscsa.edu
    Mail Code: 7765
    Phone (Main Campus): (210) 567-3911

    Karla Gorena serves as the facility assistant director and oversees the daily operation of the core. Mrs. Gorena has more than 11 years of experience in flow cytometry and immunology research. She began in research in 2004 and joined the flow cytometry facility in 2006. She is certified on the BD FACSAria and Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDP. She has received advanced training in multiparameter analysis using the Diva software. She attained certification in flow cytometry in 2012. She attends annual meetings to expand her flow cytometry knowledge to provide current technological advances to our users. Mrs. Gorena is very active in the regional flow cytometry group, FlowTex. She has served in the FlowTex Committee since 2014.

  • Catherine Davis

    Research Core Facility Technologist

    Email: clarkcl@uthscsa.edu
    Mail Code: 7765
    Phone (Main Campus): (210) 567-3910

    Catherine Davis joined the Flow Cytometry Core Facility in August 2017. She was recruited from the DNA core at UT Health where she served for 18 years. She brings extensive core experience to her role in the flow cytometry core. Since joining the lab she has been certified on the BD FACSAria and is performing sorting and analysis for flow cytometry users.