Our Mission

The mission of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility is to enhance research resources and capabilities by assisting individual faculty members in their research endeavors.   This will be accomplished by providing a professional, efficient, timely and reasonably priced Flow Cytometry Services as well as continuous education and consultation in the utilization of the facility.   We are committed to provide support for UTHSCSA and CTRC programs, and promote the commercialization of our research teams' discoveries.

Lab Hours and Appointment Scheduling


Effective March 20, 2020 in an effort to reduce the impact of COVID-19, the Flow Cytometry Core Facility will be taking the following measures to keep providing mission critical research support.


Flow Cytometry Core Facility COVID-19 Updates.PDF
  1. Lab Hours are 9am - 5pm, M-F.
  2. Instrument and consulting times are by appointment only.
  3. Review the Flow Cytometry Calendar in iLabs for available times.
  4. Sumbit the request in iLabs. No appointments will be taken without a request in iLabs first.

Core Description

The Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource has been integrated in the lnstitutional Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF) and has been in existence since 1991. It located in room 5.044V on the Long (main) campus.


Major equipment:
  • 5 laser FACSAria-IIIu cell sorter
  • 5 laser Cytek Aurora
  • 4 laser LSR-II cell analyzer
  • 3 laser FACSCelesta cell analyzer
  • 2 laser FACSCalibur cell analyzer
  • 4 dedicated computers for data analysis
  • Complimentary access to FlowJo and BD DIVA software for analysis
  • See "Instruments and Applications" for specific details on our cytometers.


    The Flow Cytometry Core is a biohazard safety level 2 (BSL-2) facility, so the core can sort all NIH/CDC designated biohazard 2 agents which include primary human cells and cell lines, transfected cell lines, and live cells containing known level-2 pathogens. All core personnel are trained and certified in proper BSL-2 safety procedures.


    The Flow Cytometry Core is operated and managed by three experienced persons. Collectively, they have more than 33 years of flow cytometry experience in addition to 10 years of sorting experience. Find more about us here.


    **NOTE** The core description is available for download here in MS Word format for grant writing purposes. Feel free to modify this text to suit the specifics of your grant. Contact the core if you need help re-writing the text.

    Contact Us

    UTHSCSA Flow Cytometry Core Facility
    7703 Floyd Curl Drive
    Room 5.044v
    San Antonio, TX 78229-3900
    Phone (Main Campus): 210-567-3911

    Publication Acknowledgement

    The facility should be listed in the "Acknowledgements" section of any publication using data generated in the Flow Cytometry Core Facility as follows:

    "Data was generated in the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Facility which is supported by UT Health, NIH-NCI P30 CA054174-20 (CTRC at UT Health) and UL1 TR001120 (CTSA grant)."

    Please forward us any publications which have utilized our services so that we may have a record of these publications.