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Work Instructions
Target Audience
Work Instructions File
Clinical Trials Office Staff Study Registration Velos-WI-0100-Study Registration (pdf)
Clinical Trials Office Staff Study Setup Velos-WI-0200-Study Setup (pdf)
Clinical Trials Office Staff Calendar Creation *** Pending Release ***
Clinical Trials Office Staff Research Billing Risk *** Pending Release ***
Clinical Trials Office Staff Coverage Analysis Velos-WI-0500-Coverage Analysis (pdf)
Clinical Trials Office Staff Study Activation Velos-WI-0600-Study Activation (pdf)
Research Teams Managing Study Teams Velos-WI-0700-Managing Study Team Members (pdf)
Research Teams Patient Registration Velos-WI-0800-Patient Registration (pdf)
Research Teams Assigning Patients to a Study

Velos-WI-0900-Assigning Patients to a Study (pdf)

Research Teams Patient Visits Velos-WI-1000-Patient Visits (pdf)

eResearch Support

CTMS Support email:

eResearch Training

Online Course (Required)

  • The Velos eResearch Training Course is an online course available through Knowledge Center.  This course is a requirement for all anticipated users of the Velos eResearch Clinical Trial Management System and must be completed prior to requesting access. 

Classroom Session (Required for Cancer studies)

  • The Velos eResearch Mays Cancer Center General Overview Session is an instructor led course that is required for all users involved with cancer-related studies. Sessions are scheduled on demand.
  • Information on both courses can be found in Knowledge Center in the Research & Development course listing page.