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Core for Advanced Translational Technology

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Core for Advanced Translational Technologies is UTHSCSA Core Laboratory. The advancement of scientific discovery in translational sciences can be accelerated by the application of cutting-edge technologies. To this end, the Core for Advanced Translational Technologies (CATT) has created an integrated system of high-throughput, high-content research services with automated specimen processing emphasizing precision, accuracy, and quality control.

Our goal is to enhance your research program by delivering advanced services with the standardized workflows and technological expertise needed to assure the highest quality results.

The CATT was founded as a partnership between the laboratories of Tim Huang, Douglas Williamson and the Office of the Vice President for Research and designed as a research catalyst to drive a more comprehensive exploration of genotype-phenotype relationships. Scientific instruments were pooled into the core, and expert technologists are being cross-trained to meet the growing demands of today's competititve research environment.

The CATT is available to all investigators at UTHSCSA. Request a consultation to discover how CATT technologies can be integrated into your next grant proposal or research project.

Our Mission

To provide standardized, high-quality services to support translational research, including pre-analytical biospecimen management and processing procedures, as well as analytical technology that deliver a systems-oriented perspective on the composition of a sample.