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University Core Research Facilities Committee

The function of this committee includes core oversight through periodic and structured evaluations; identification and recommendation (advocacy) for current and future core research facility needs; recommendations for continuation or discontinuation of core facilities; and interface with other institutional strategic research planning committees and other committees making research policy.

The UCRF is responsible for issues relating to:

  • annual evaluation of existing cores
  • coordination of periodic external reviews of all shared resource facilities
  • recommendations for new core facilities or service based on structured and periodic evaluations of faculty research needs
  • recommendations for continued and/or new financing for cores
  • interface with institutional committees responsible for assignment and allocation of space for existing and proposed core facilities
  • development or evaluation of institutional research policies in coordination with other institutional committees

University Core Research Facility (UCRF) Committee Roster, 2014 (PDF)

UCRF Policies and Procedures (PDF) Updated August 18, 2014

Office of the Vice President for Research (210) 567-8270