Institutional Research Core Laboratories (RCL)

More Shared Resources for Research

Shared reseach resources are provided by many departments, centers and institutes throughout the university. While the RCL website is primarily focused on the research core facilities supported financially by the institution, this page provides a listing of other available resources. The implementation of policies, oversight and services is managed by the home department or center.

Contact Mike Wilson, 210-567-2059 to join this listing.



Bioinformatics (in biochemistry)


Computational Biology Initiative (CBI)

  • A joint project of UTSA and UTHSCSA

CCRI Small Animal Imaging


Clinical Reference Laboratories

  • Department of Pathology, South Texas Reference Laboratories (STRL)

Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Fluoroscopy or C-arm

  • Janey Briscoe Center for Cardiovascular Research

Affymetrix Microarray

  • Institute for Drug Discovery (IDD); Phone: 210-450-3894; 14960 Omicron Drive San Antonio, TX 78245
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