Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

Scope of Practice for Research Personnel

Note: See also the Training Requirements
Research Scope of Practice Form
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  • RSCOP form is ONLY required for the following personnel, if they will be interacting or intervening with living individuals:
      • Students
      • Residents/Fellows
      • Non-licensed MDs
      • Other Non-licensed professionals/personnel
  • Required training should be completed before submission of RSCOP forms. Lack of required training may result in approval delays.
  • Note: The RSCOP form is not required for personnel conducting Exempt Research or Chart Review Studies.

  • Digital signatures can be used for the form (How to digitally sign Adobe forms).
  • Submit completed and signed form to
  • HOP Policy 7.2.3 Research Scope of Practice for Study Personnel

Note: As of July 2015, the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) course is not required by the Office of Clinical Research and no longer available in the Knowledge Center.